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Wing Nook Review

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April 13, 2012
Filed under Food & Culture

Wing Nook, a local store front restaurant, is a place I visited and would definitely return to. The serene yet busy fast-food joint is located on Salem Road in front of the Kroger, near Lil Caesars Pizza.  The ambiance was very comfortable and casual; however, Wing Nook focuses on the quality of their food rather than the store’s appearance. Workers were very pleasant and amicable to all customers as they walked in. The restaurant manager worked hard to get people in and out in a convenient manner during the lunch period.

The Wing Nook menu ranges from wings to egg rolls for affordable prices. Specials and deals are brought to the customer’s attention every day. The $3.99-10 piece and fries, for example, is a really good special Wing Nook provides Monday through Friday. Another special is the $7.99-14 wings and fries special that runs from Saturday to Sunday. Therefore, Wing Nook is one of the most affordable fast food restaurants in Covington.

When I arrived, I ordered the 5 piece and chicken cheese steak for $5.99 and it was delicious. The wings were prepared and evenly sauced very well. Also the chicken cheese steak was hot and melted. The drink I had to purchase separately, but it was very refreshing.

Usually it takes about 15 minutes for my number to be called to get my food, but since they were rather busy it took around 20. Napkins and other condiments were provided for me as I went to sit down. The T.V was on for entertainment and people were having casual conversation.

Wing Nook is an affordable, pleasant, and delicious restaurant for a casual meal or everyday lunch.


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