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Spicy Foods Have Unknown Benefits

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Ashton Stewart , Staff Editor
April 13, 2012
Filed under Food & Culture

Although I’m not a big fan of spicy foods - I find no enjoyment in eating foods that hurt your mouth - they have more health benefits than side effects. A lot of people are unaware of the health benefits, they only talk about potential stomach problems.

I always hear people complaining that they cannot eat spicy foods because they are trying to lose weight, or because it is causing acid reflux, but people do not take the time to research how they affect your body. When I researched the effects, I found out that they are actually more beneficial to your health than they are bad for you.

Plenty of benefits are involved with an intake of spicy foods, including help with weight loss by increasing metabolism, keeping hearts healthy, cancer prevention, lowering blood pressure by increasing blood flow, and stress reduction by increasing hormone production.

According to the Discovery Fit & Health website, spicy foods do not cause stomach ulcers, although they can irritate them. The ulcers were more than likely caused by an allergy to an ingredient in the spicy food or another problem. So if you stopped eating your favorite spicy foods because you have heard rumors of stomach ulcers, you can keep eating them as long as you are not allergic to an ingredient.

Another myth about spicy foods is that spicy foods cause heartburn. According to, heartburn is hereditary and spicy foods will not incease the burn. So although you have heartburn, you can continue to eat your favorite spicy foods. Stop listening to the lies about how unhealthy spicy foods are. If you enjoy eating them, eat them.


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