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Some Tips for Choosing the Right Hair Length

Brittany Johnson, Staff Writer
October 30, 2011
Filed under Fashion

Never sure whether to grow your hair out or cut it all off? Well there are different ways you can determine what you should do.

Signs you need long hair:

Long hair is a very good option if you are short on time.

Are you the type of person who just likes to wash your hair, let it air dry, and walk out the door? In your opinion, there is no need to spend hours at a time styling your hair or blow-drying it. If that is the type of person you are, your best bet is to keep it long.

If you have thick or curly hair, your best bet would be to let your hair stay long. Getting your hair trimmed is one thing, but cutting off all those curls would be torture. Thick curls look better when they have room to flow.

Girls who are tall or big-boned usually tend to cut their hair off.  What they don’t realize is that long hair straightens out the shape of your body.  

Trying to look younger? Women tend to cut their hair shorter as they age. According to professional hair stylist, Oribe, women between the ages of 30-50 shouldn’t go shorter than their shoulders. “Why do what everyone else is doing and end up looking like an old lady before your time,” stated Oribe.

 Signs you need short hair:

Short hair is great if you don’t mind everyday maintenance. Fixing your hair can be a hassle if you don’t like spending the time doing it and it can wind up looking a mess.

If you have smaller facial features, try going short. The short style will make your small features not look so small. With less hair, they have much less room to compete with.

“If your hair grows rather quickly you may end up getting it re-cut about every four weeks”, says Oribe in an article published on  

Want a dramatic change and a new attitude? Try going from long to short. When you walk into a room, people won’t notice you at first, but when they do they will not be able to take their eyes off the new change. People who dramatically change their hair style tend to carry themselves better. They feel different and proud of it.

If you enjoy switching things up a lot, say with color, short hair is a great option.  Short hair is very easy to dye and pretty much every color looks good with a short style.

“Short hair is a style statement that gets you noticed and remembered”, according to

Keep in mind that there are also things you can do to make your hair look healthier no matter what style it is.  “Don’t wash it as too much, it gets dried out,” says Ivey White (11).


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