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Acting Makes The Vow a “Promising” Drama

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Brittany Johnson, Staff Writer
March 8, 2012
Filed under A&E

What really sets The Vow apart from other romantic movies is that it is based on true events. Going into the theater knowing that made me take a whole different perspective on the movie. When I watch a movie created by someone such as Nicholas Sparks, I always leave the theater feeling like the movie was romantic, but that no one really acts that way in reality.  When watching The Vow it makes you realize that there are really people out in the world that do amazing things for the people that they love.

The Vow is based on Leo and Paige’s marriage; right after the couple said their vows, they get into a horrible car wreck. After the accident, Paige (McAdams) loses a portion of her memory; the portion that involves her husband. She wakes up not remembering her life with him at all. Leo (Tatum) spends much of the movie desperately trying to win back Paige’s heart in various ways.

McAdams does a great job of evoking emotion throughout the film, as does Channing Tatum.  I felt a range of emotions. In the beginning, their relationship was cute, the type you read about and admire. Throughout the movie, however, I began to fear things would not work out the way I wanted them to.  Even though this film made me emotional, it was the type of movie that is supposed to do that. I would say that McAdams and Tatum did a wonderful job playing to the heartfelt roles of their characters.

If I were to give this movie a 1-10 rating, I would give it an eight.  The layout of the movie and the acting were both really great. I would recommend The Vow to anyone who is interested in romantic movies.


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